Led Zeppelin for President (and other reasons not to be an asshole this election season)

Election day is Tuesday, y’all, which makes it about time for everyone to put their big-girl panties back on and fight about something much more important, like who the greatest rock band of all time definitely is.

Answer: Led Zeppelin.

Zeppelin doing a benefit show during Hurricane Sandy. Not really. 

This picture is from the 70's, but I could totally see it.

Actually, the Presidential election is very important, but the level of disrespect I’ve witnessed the past few months by both parties and their hard-core followers has left me wishing the candidates could battle it out with a game of craps, or perhaps some Chinese checkers.

Yes, I am that sick of hearing people’s intelligence, lineage and sanity questioned because of their political beliefs.

I’ve never considered myself to be very political, but far short of being devoid of a soul, I have political opinions so diverse no party in their right mind would have me, except to have a warm body at the polls or a sporadic, awkward and unwelcome call center worker.

Hey y'all! Be my warm body.....

And, in turn, I wouldn’t have them either. But for the record, I do vote.

My husband, Bobby, and I differ on just about every level counted in those relationship quizzes offered up by magazines like Cosmopolitan, including politics.

And here’s my illustration:

Every morning Bobby watches me get ready for work.

Not that he just sits there and watches me – that would be creepy, plus it’s a process and he’s got other things to do – but he checks it out. And, it’s not with an expression of love and awe, but more of a morbid curiosity.   


Then he sizes me up in my jeans (my signature color, seriously), boots, funky jewelry and usually a scarf and looks at me as if to silently say, “What tribe are you from, anyway?” And I always answer him telepathically with “The very cool one.”

And in turn,  he always looks like he just stepped out of GQ Magazine, with nothing remotely funky on his body.

Curiously, it works. Although I’m sure if he had it his way, I would dress completely different, and if I had it my way he would wear UnderArmour on the occasional Saturday.

But out of respect, nothing is said and we go to work looking like Stevie Nicks and George Clooney just parted ways for the day.

But I dressed just like that when he met, fell in love with, and married me.

And by the same token, we have disagreed on a few key political issues since the day we met.

But we don’t disrespect each other using that as a weapon. And my family and friends and I get along famously at election time because we don’t beat the crap out of each other with our political opinions either.

In case anyone was wondering, I truly believe if there is any hope of unity in this country – and I’m talking about the state and federal level – it’s going to have to begin with the voters, and an honest and respectful exchange of ideas and compromise. 

So in this election, I’m voting for Led Zeppelin.


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  • 11/2/2012 7:07 AM Judith Podell wrote:
    My heart still belongs to that One Hit Wonder album Layla by Derek and the Dominos, which re-established to any doubters that Eric Clapton was still king. A drunken sage I sat next to on an airplane once told me "Rock and Roll has only so many licks and with Layla, Clapton discovered the last on them . I'll admit to being a little drunk myself-we were flying through 'minor 'turbulence but the memory stays.
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  • 11/7/2012 7:58 PM Natalie the Singingfool wrote:
    My husband and I are EXACTLY the same! In fact, it's a little creepy how you just described our relationship with yours...
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    1. 11/8/2012 2:58 PM Kari Lynn Collins wrote:
      ....and I have found a soul sister. Not many people get how we work together, but frankly I can use his anal-retentiveness on occassion. (Is that even a word?)
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